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The Mighty Zack Demands You Leave NOW!

but srsly stay and read k!? OK!?

9 December 1990
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Hello citizens. It is I, you're great and powerful ruler, Zack! But you already knew that! Ahah!!! I fight for justice and love. And money and lust. SO BOOREDD but that's why people start these things i suppose. Anywhomm, I like to pray veedeo gehms yes? I'm also pretty much up for anything y'all can dish out...and I mean anything ;D...No, not that. Anyways, I can't think of anymore things that I'm interested in...but I'm pretty sure I covered pretty much everything by saying I'm into anything AMIRITE!? God I suck and it's depressing. Whoa 2AM TIME FOR BED!! Bye bye!!